Khakroud Company established in 2015 by its founders, Mr. Kashi Ghandi, Mr. Minaei & Dr. Abed Who had been involved for decades in different heavy civil constructions such as Dams, Hydropower Plants, Tunnels & Industrial schemes. Among many, Tajan Dam, Masjed-e-Soleyman Dam and Power Plant, Shahriar Dam, Karun III Dam, Kouhrang III Tunnel, Siahbishe Dam & Power Plant (All in Iran) and Sangtuda 2 Dam & Power Plant in Tajikistan as well as Kotlibhel Hydroelectric Power project in India could be referred to.
The majority of the underground civil works of Rogun HEPP in Tajikistan has been awarded to Khakroud Company since early 2016 and is due to be completed by late 2018.
Khakroud is committed to quality and time constraints of his clients.